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Fight ID Fraud Online

Nearly three decades after the internet was introduced, the web continues to transform the lives of many users, revolutionizing the way consumers shop, pay bills, and transfer money online. As these advancements make common tasks hassle-free, consumers are urged to take extra precautions, allowing them to navigate the web safely and avoid online crime. Here are eight ways you can safeguard your information and navigate the web safely: Keep your computers and mobile devices up to date. Having the latest security software, web browser, and operating system are the best defenses against viruses, malware,… Read More >

Apr. 13 2018 | Posted in General News

8 Tips to Help Prevent Crime at ATMs

There are more than 400,000 ATMs in the United States. At Pinnacle Bank, we do everything possible to keep our customers safe, especially when they are using one of our ATMs. Pinnacle Bank takes a number of precautions to ensure that our customers have a safe environment including everything from installing surveillance cameras and lighting to setting withdrawal limits, but there is no substitute for good, cautious behavior on the part of the customer. Please follow these eight safety tips when using any ATM: Keep your PIN number a secret. Never write it down or… Read More >

Apr. 13 2018 | Posted in General News

6 Tips for Financial Spring Cleaning

As Americans kick off the spring season by cleaning, sorting and tidying up around the house, Pinnacle Bank is encouraging consumers to add financial organization to their spring cleaning to-do list. To help, we have highlighted six tips for organizing your financial house: Review your budget. A lot can change in a year. If you’ve been promoted, had a child, or become a new homeowner or renter, be sure to update your budget. Determine what expenses demand the most money and identify areas where you can realistically cut back. Develop… Read More >

Apr. 13 2018 | Posted in General News

Important Upgrade News

Keeping your information and connection secure is our top priority. With that in mind, we are enabling a security protocol that could impact your access to Online Banking. If you have the most up-to-date version of your browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera), there should be no issues. However, if you have the latest version and are still unable to access your Pinnacle Bank accounts, it may require downloading your preferred browser again. This security protocol will be implemented April 9, 2018. Click here for more information Thank you for… Read More >

Mar. 30 2018 | Posted in General News

Is It Really The IRS Contacting You?

Is It Really The IRS Contacting You? From the Internal Revenue Service Scammers impersonating IRS officials are a growing issue. It is happening in person, over the phone, and via email. Your best defense is being informed and knowing the IRS protocol for contacting taxpayers. The IRS initiates most contact through regular mail. Taxpayers generally receive several notices/letters before they are called or visited. The IRS does not: Call to demand immediate payment Demand that you pay taxes without question or appeal Threaten to contact local police, immigration officers or… Read More >

Mar. 21 2018 | Posted in General News

Don’t Mingle Small-Business & Personal Banking

Don’t Mingle Small-Business & Personal Banking From an original article by Jay DesMarteau, Entrepreneur If you’re starting a business, especially a sole proprietorship, you may be tempted to use your personal checking account as your business account as well. According to a 2015 TD Bank survey of small business owners, 56 percent use a checking account for both business and personal finances, and 53 use a credit card similarly. It may seem convenient, but it could have serious consequences down the road. Also, you could be missing out on benefits… Read More >

Mar. 12 2018 | Posted in General News

5 Tips for Small Business Stress Management

From an original article by Mike Kappel, Entrepreneur Owning a business is both rewarding and stressful. Stress can come from lack of sales, debt, employee conflict, or any host of issues. It is mentally and physically draining. By learning to handle the stress, you can focus on growing your business and enjoying the success that follows. Here are some stress relievers: Remember what’s going right. It’s easy to let a negative overshadow all of the positive aspects of your business. Make a list of your accomplishments, even the smallest ones…. Read More >

Jan. 30 2018 | Posted in General News

Protect Your “Cyber Home” with a Solid Foundation

From an original article by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation As we all do more tasks such as shopping and banking on our computers, tablets, and smartphones, the need to keep our devices and networks secured has never been more important. Just as your home has locks to deter criminals from stealing your personal belongings, your electronic assets need to be properly protected to prevent theft. Otherwise, it’s like leaving your front door wide open. Here are tips for cybersecurity: Use a firewall program – A firewall is a combination… Read More >

Jan. 30 2018 | Posted in General News

How Safe Are Your Business Checks?

With all of the headlines about data breaches and online security, it’s easy for some people to forget about the threat of check fraud. We haven’t. If you are a business checking customer at Pinnacle Bank and order your checks through Harland Clarke, you are automatically protected by CheckArmor® Check Fraud Recovery. If check fraud ever occurs, a certified fraud resolution specialist will guide you through the recovery process, replace your check, and if necessary, advance funds for any losses from the affected checking account. Fraudulent Acts Covered by CheckArmor:… Read More >

Jan. 30 2018 | Posted in General News

Protecting the Elderly from Financial Abuse

From the American Bankers Association People over 50 years old control over 70 percent of the nation’s wealth. Because of that, fraudsters are using new tactics to take advantage of older Americans. Senior financial abuse is estimated to have cost victims at least $2.9 billion last year alone. However, there are simple steps that can help you or your loved one from falling prey. Tips for Seniors: • Shred receipts, bank statements, and unused credit card offers. • Never pay a fee or taxes to collect sweepstakes “winnings.” • Consult… Read More >

Dec. 7 2017 | Posted in General News