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Boost your business with positive referral relationships

Blog Post Image-1Connections.

In a digital world, connections still matter, especially for businesses that depend on referrals. So, how do successful businesses cultivate a steady flow of quality referrals?

There are plenty of options. What’s your favorite? If it’s flooding your friends’ newsfeed with sales requests, hold back until you read this.

Quality over quantity

It takes more than just quantity to boost business referrals. According to experts, business relationships that are a “mile wide and an inch deep” won’t help your business in the long run. Boosting your business referrals takes time, but it also requires developing “powerful, personal” relationships.

Quality takes time

According to a 2018 study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, it takes 50 hours of interaction to move beyond acquaintance to a casual friend. It can take up to 200 hours to develop a close friendship.

Referrals come, say experts, when confidence grows. No, not your confidence. Referrals happen when the relationship grows enough to where the other person has confidence in your abilities. When they believe in your abilities enough, they’ll refer friends and family.

Returns on your investment

Lasting business relationships probably require more than a quick Facebook share or business card swap. Consider those a great start. Give yourself time to develop that confidence and trust. We promise the returns are always worth it.

Sep. 21 2018 | Posted in General News