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A Savings or Investment account from Pinnacle Bank can help you manage the cash flow of your business while enhancing your earnings. With five different options, let us assist you in meeting your savings goals.

Simple Savings

With this savings account, interest is compounded daily and paid quarterly. It’s only $50 to open the account, so start saving for your business today!

  • Only $50 to open this account.
  • Six (6) withdrawals per quarter.

Money Market Account

This tiered interest rate account rewards higher balances. Interest accrues daily and is credited monthly. Please see a Personal Banker for current interest rates.

  • Balances below $5,000 pay a $10 service charge.
  • Six (6) free transactions per statement cycle that are not made in person.
  • Unlimited “in person” withdrawals. Excessive withdrawals are $10 each.
  • Minimum opening balance of only $50.

Certificates of Deposit

With this savings account, interest is compounded daily and paid quarterly. It’s only $50 to open the account, so start saving for your business today!

  • Interest paid at maturity (see account disclosures for details)
  • Interest may be reinvested into the CD or deposited into the customer’s existing account


  • Earns higher rate of interest
  • May set your own maturity date (within limits)
  • Terms may vary between 7 days and 4+ years
  • CD may be used as collateral for a loan
  • Minimum balance of $1,000 for a term of less than 12 months, or $500 for a term of 12 months or more.

*Penalties apply for early withdrawal

Health Savings Accounts

Everyone knows how quickly unforeseen medical expenses can build up. Manage your family’s medical bills with a Health Savings Account from Pinnacle Bank. Health Savings Accounts are a tax-exempt trust or custodial account established exclusively for the purpose of paying or reimbursing qualified medical expenses of you, your spouse and your dependents.

If you meet one of the following requirements you are eligible for a Health Savings Account:

  • Have medical insurance coverage under an HSA-qualified “high deductible health plan” (HDHP)
  • Have no other first dollar medical coverage
  • Are NOT enrolled in Medicare
  • Cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return

Account features:

  • Totally free interest bearing checking account
  • Minimum opening balance of only $50
  • MasterCard debit card for easy access
  • Monthly statement to easily track qualified medical expenses
  • IRS required reporting

Account benefits:

  • TAX SAVINGS – tax deductions when you contribute to your account
  • TAX-FREE earnings through investment
  • TAX-FREE withdrawals for qualified medical expenses


CDARS is the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service and it’s the most convenient way to enjoy full FDIC insurance on deposits of up to $50 million. With CDARS, you sign one agreement with Pinnacle Bank, earn one interest rate, and receive one regular statement. Your funds are deposited at institutions across the country and covered via each institution’s FDIC charter.  To utilize the CDARS service, you must deposit at least $10,000.


  • Full Insurance. Using the CDARS service, you can access up to $50 million in FDIC protection on CD investments.
  • One Rate. You earn one interest rate on CD investments placed through CDARS. With CDARS, there is no need to consolidate statements at the end of each month, quarter, or year.
  • One Statement. You receive one regular statement detailing your CD investments. You no longer need to consolidate statements at the end of each month, quarter or year.
  • No Hidden Fees. There are no hidden fees of any kind. You will not be charged annual fees, subscription fees or transaction fees for using the CDARS service. The rate you see is the rate you get.
  • A Wide Variety of Maturities. You can select from various maturities – ranging from 4 weeks to 5 years (260 weeks) – and choose the terms that best suit your investment needs.


Pinnacle Bank has reopened our lobbies. To protect our customers and team, we are maintaining essential                 COVID-19 protocols such as social distancing, limiting the number of customers in the branch and                             frequent sanitization.

For those who prefer to remain outside, Pinny Drive Thru Tellers are available at all Pinnacle branches,                        Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 7 PM and Saturday, 8 AM – 2 PM.

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