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Treasury Management Services

Is your business ready for a partner to ensure efficiency, professionalism and financial security through Treasury Management? Allow Pinnacle Bank to meet with you, discover your business needs and we will find a solution to support you through a variety of products.

Below you will see a listing of some of the great products offered to help your business to become stronger and to grow. Plus, we have an informational video to give you easy to understand information on our services – click the button below to learn more!

Merchant Services

Do you accept card payments? We offer faster settlement with competitive pricing and an easy to understand monthly statement!

Pinnacle Bank is dedicated to offering our small and mid-sized business customers the kind of credit and debit card processing they deserve. Whether your business uses a physical or virtual payment terminal, with Pinnacle’s credit card services you’ll receive:

  • A clear and straightforward presentation of card processing costs
  • Encrypted card numbers and secure transactions
  • Real-time fraud and transaction monitoring
  • Reasonable equipment costs
  • 24/7 live customer support

As a merchant, you have the right to know all credit card transaction fees – their increases and reductions, as well as all surcharges and bill-backs. Our service provides you with state-of-the-art web reporting that allows you to see your bottom line more clearly.

If all these terms have left you feeling confused, don’t worry! When you sign up for Pinnacle Bank’s Credit Card Services, you’ll have a dedicated, local service representative to provide support and guide you throughout the entire process.

Online Banking

Provides different levels of access and functions to meet your business needs. With Business Banking, you can save time, improve your cash flow and streamline your cash management procedures all in a fully secure environment. Click & Learn:

  • View account balances, and images of deposit tickets and deposited items
  • Transfer funds between accounts including loan payments
  • eStatements
  • Bill Pay – click here to learn more
  • Create account alerts for wide range of activity
  • Add ACH for direct deposit of payroll or recurring debits for customer payments
  • Add wire transfer function for Domestic and International wires

Online Business Banking Alerts

With Pinnacle Bank’s online business banking alerts, you can be notified in real-time when your balance drops below a set amount, purchases exceed a specified limit and more. In November 2020, we upgraded our system to offer you even greater control and flexibility. You decide when and how you are alerted.

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Remote Deposit

We bring the bank to your business – scan and electronically deposit checks on your schedule! Click the button below to see how Remote Deposit can help your business.

Payroll Services

Take the headache out of payroll processing, tax filing, and annual reporting

Cash Management Services Video

We can provide powerful business tools, to learn more about our Cash Management Tools, click here to learn more.

Night Depository

If you are unable to make your business deposits during regular hours, our Night Depository service may be the answer. Our night depositories are vaults located on the outside of our branches where locked bags and envelopes can be deposited for the next business day. The contents are taken out of the night depository and verified under dual control each morning. Locked bags may be verified ahead of time, or you may request to have the bag(s) held for verification until a representative from the business is present.

Lock Box Services

Does your business take in a lot of payments by mail? Are you looking for a way to process these payments more efficiently? If so, Pinnacle’s Lockbox Services can help! When you partner with us, you’ll be assigned a PO Box where your customers may begin submitting payments. We’ll collect the payments from the PO Box five days a week and then take them to our operations center. We process each payment directly for you, and then drop off the pay slips at your office that same day. This service saves you time and money, and because we process the payments directly, your money goes in the bank that much faster.

Our Lockbox Services were first developed at the request of a large public utility service here in Georgia – just one example of how at Pinnacle Bank, we’re constantly tailoring our services to meet our customers’ needs!


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VP Treasury Management

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Treasury Management Specialist

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Treasury Management Specialist