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Easy Ways to Give Your Brain a Break

From an original article by Neil Patel, Often, business owners may find it difficult to break away for a bona fide vacation. While that’s understandable, that pent up stress and responsibility fatigue not only dulls your decision-making skills but can also lead to poor relationship management. But, there’s good news! Taking small moments to give your brain a break is just as effective as a week of fun in the sun (and requires far less planning). Try these top 10 mini-moments and share your tips with us! Play a… Read More >

Jul. 28 2016 | Posted in Business Banking

3 SBA Tips on Growing Your Small Business Staff

With Q2 just around the corner, you may be thinking of all the Spring cleaning needed around your office — closets, windows, and junk drawers, of course — but what about your hiring process? As many small businesses are ramping up for the busiest part of the year, owners everywhere are wondering “Do I hire?” When the answer is yes, there’s always the inevitable follow-up: “Well, how?” If you’re wondering how to grow your small business staff, and how to manage it effectively, the U.S. Small Business Administration has those answers. From streamlining your… Read More >

Mar. 23 2016 | Posted in Business Banking

FDIC News: Cybersecurity for Your Small Business

By now we’re all fairly savvy shoppers when it comes to making personal purchases online. You know to look for the secured URL address before entering any payment information. You’ve also created an easy-to-remember but hard-to-hack password; but what about when it comes to protecting your small business online? A recent FDIC Consumer News update included eight ways to better manage the cybersecurity of your business — ranging from your software to the soft skills of your employees. Ready to learn how to reduce risk, increase data defenses, and stay vigilant in the digital age?… Read More >

Mar. 23 2016 | Posted in Business Banking