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Pinnacle Bank offers 4 Flexible options for your personal or family checking account:

  1. Totally Free Checking
  2. 50+ Free Interest Checking
  3. VIP Free Interest Checking
  4. High Yield Checking 

Savings, CDs, and Money Market  

It always makes good sense to save money, and the sooner the better. With the compounding of interest and the availability of a variety of tax defense strategies, "early" money grows at a much faster rate than "late" money. The sooner you begin a regular savings and investment program, the better your chances are of reaching your financial goals.

Pinnacle Bank offers a full line of savings and investment options:

  • Simple Savings
  • Money Market
  • Children's Savings Account
  • Christmas Club Savings 
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Health Savings Accounts 
  • Systematic saver Account 
  • Rate Riser CD 

Retirement: Individual Retirement Accounts 

  • Invested in Pinnacle Bank Certificates of Deposit
  • Contributions may be tax deductible - please consult your tax advisor

Options include:

  • Traditional IRA - An interest-bearing, tax-deferred
  • Roth IRA - interest earned non-taxable

Online Banking and Bill Pay

Now having control over your finances is as simple as clicking a mouse. With online banking from Pinnacle Bank, you can access your accounts anywhere you have Internet access. Imagine being able to check your last deposit, transfer money from savings to checking, and even make loan payments online.

Debit Card: Check Fraud Alert 

Check Card Fraud Alert is a free service provided to all check card holders. This service monitors each check card transaction for potentially fraudulent activity. When a transaction appears to be fraudulent, we will attempt to contact the card holder to verify whether or not the transaction is legitimate. It is very important that we have your most current contact information on file.

This service monitors your check card activity to help protect you in the event that your card is lost or stolen. Please note that Check Card Fraud Alert notifies you that your card has suspicious activity, but does not guarantee that all fraudulent transactions will be prevented.