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Person-to-Person Payment

Person-to-Person Payment allows customers to send money to, or request money from, another person by using just his or her name and a mobile phone number or email address. This secure service, also known as Popmoney®, a personal payment service that enables customers to send money to friends, family or almost anyone with a U.S.-based bank account directly from their Pinnacle Bank account. This new service is easy to use, replacing the hassle of a personal payment service that enables
customers to send money (cash and checks) with a convenient payment deposited directly into the recipient’s account.

Whether it’s paying rent, splitting bills or sharing the cost of a gift, all Pinnacle Bank customers can perform these transactions by accessing the Popmoney® personal payment service through their online banking account on all devices.

The recipient is instantly notified by text message or email when he or she has been sent money to claim the funds transferred to their account, regardless of where that recipient does his or her banking. These transfers are typically quick, and take as little as one business day to receive funds. Money moves directly and securely from one bank account to another using existing payment networks.

In addition to enabling customers to send and receive money, the new Popmoney® personal payment service enables notifications for all users to request money from other individuals or groups, with follow-up reminders for those who have not paid. This feature can be useful for anyone who is responsible for collecting funds for teams, events or group gifts. Additional features include the ability to send e-greetings with gifts, set up future and recurring payments and import contacts from popular email services.

When using Popmoney®, there are additional fees associated with this feature.

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Basic Steps for Sending and Receiving Funds

Are you interested in trying out Popmoney®? It’s one of the easiest ways to send and receive money.

Here are a few steps to get you started…

To access Person-to-Person payment, users will need to log into their Pinnacle Bank Online Banking account.  Once signed in, customers must access Bill Pay. If users are not currently using Bill Pay, they will have to activate this function in Online Banking.

In addition, if customers are mobile users, they must first log into Online Banking on their desktop to accept Terms & Conditions. After accepting these terms, Popmoney® will automatically show up in Bill Pay and in the Pinnacle Bank Mobile app.

How do I send money?

To send money, you will need the recipient’s name, email address or mobile phone number.

Next, enter the recipient’s name, email address and dollar amount in the Popmoney® feature.

You can schedule the date for funds to be delivered up to a year, schedule reoccurring payments, and you can add a personal message to your payment. Some of our customers have used the personal greeting as an “e-greeting” to make this Person-to-Person payment special!

Are you ready to send your first payment?

The screen where you enter name, email or mobile number, amount, date and account number where money is taken from looks like this:

After all necessary information noted above is completed; click “Continue” and you will be taken to the “Verify Payment” screen, where you can review details:

Once you click “Send Payment”, the money will be transferred from your account to theirs in no time! The recipient will be notified that you’ve sent them money with this receipt

The email includes simple instructions on claiming the funds. Once the customers take action as instructed, the funds are deposited into their account.

Is this your first time receiving money?

If you have never received a payment from Popmoney®, as the recipient you will be directed to this screen:

You can easily search to locate Pinnacle Bank in the Popmoney® network.

To receive funds, you can enroll in Popmoney® through the Pinnacle Bank Online Banking site in the Bill Pay section. You will then receive an email or text (depending on what you choose when you enroll) when money is deposited into your account. If you receive notice that someone wants to send you money through Popmoney® (remember they will have put in your email address or mobile phone number) and you haven’t enrolled, Popmoney® will assist you in that process.


Send Money$1.00 - $249.99$250.00 - $999.99$1000 and Above
Next Day$0.85$1.00$2.00

Request Money$1.00 - $249.99$250.00 - $999.99$1000 and Above
3 Days$0.65$0.75$1.50

Other Fees

Stop Payment$15.00
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