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Everyday Leadership

From an original speech give by Drew Dudley, TED Talks Leadership is more than a great responsibility; it’s also an incredible opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. All too often, leaders think they have to change the world to earn the title of “leader.” We celebrate the monumental accomplishments of others and fail to realize the incredible value of what we can do in our circle of friends and co-workers. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the next Steve Jobs or William Buffett. However, there is something… Read More >

Oct. 26 2016 | Posted in General News

5 Reasons Your Employees Shouldn’t Fear Making Mistakes.

From an original article by Rehan Ijaz, Entrepreneur Magazine Mistakes happen. As a leader in your company, how do you respond to them? Some leaders create a culture of fear through micromanagement and intimidation that can have a far more negative impact than most mistakes. We’re not saying accountability isn’t important. However, by supporting a culture that doesn’t penalize people for the occasional error, you can enjoy several key benefits: A more honest and open environment A more positive learning culture A more innovative team Fewer mistakes A happier team… Read More >

Oct. 26 2016 | Posted in General News

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Your Business

From an original article from the U.S. Small Business Administration With all of the daily responsibilities and ongoing challenges businesses face every day, it’s easy to forget about being prepared for emergencies. Do you and your business have a plan of action should the unexpected occur? Here are some of the emergencies you need to be prepared for: Natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. Cyber security attacks and vulnerabilities Workplace hazards Wildfires And much more! The U.S. Small Business Administration has the resources and information to help you… Read More >

Oct. 26 2016 | Posted in General News

5 SBA Tips on Supporting Your Staff with Education and Development

From an original article by Barbara Weltman, U.S. Small Business Administration A company is only as strong (or as smart) as its people. One of the best investments you can make in the success of your business is to invest in the education and development of your staff members. Not only does it show your employees that you value them; it can also increase their value to you and your bottom line. Here are 5 ways you can do this: Pay for work-related courses Pay for education Reward graduates Provide… Read More >

Sep. 2 2016 | Posted in General News

Put Remote Deposit to Work for Your Business

Like the adage goes, “Time is money.” That’s especially true in today’s fast-paced business world. Pinnacle’s Remote Deposit can help you and your business make the most of your time and money. Consider the benefits of Pinnacle’s Remote Deposit: Deposit checks from your desktop, 24/7 Improve cash flow Allocate funds into multiple accounts Easy record keeping And much more! Pinnacle Bank is here to help businesses thrive every day—businesses like Bizzy Bee Exterminators. Learn more about their story here.

Sep. 2 2016 | Posted in General News

The Benefits of Online Cash Management

An online banking corporate cash management component can help simplify and organize your business’s banking, so you can spend less time managing the books and more time building your business. With Pinnacle’s online cash management, you can: View account balance, activity and statements over a secure connection • Enter stop payments Transfer funds between accounts Download activity to a variety of financial software Pay bills electronically And much more! Read more about the benefits of Pinnacle’s online cash management and Remote Deposit Express.

Sep. 2 2016 | Posted in General News

Smarter Marketing for Small Town Businesses

From an original article by Young Entrepreneur Council, At first glance, building your brand in a small town may seem impossible. Without instant access to the crowds and competition of a big city, you may feel like your brand will go unnoticed. Not true — here’s how entrepreneurs have turned the common small town experiences into powerful marketing strategies: 1. Everybody knows everybody — so reach out to your civic leaders 2. Show how much you care by investing back into the community 3. Use geo-targeted social media to… Read More >

Jul. 28 2016 | Posted in General News

Easy Ways to Give Your Brain a Break

From an original article by Neil Patel, Often, business owners may find it difficult to break away for a bona fide vacation. While that’s understandable, that pent up stress and responsibility fatigue not only dulls your decision-making skills but can also lead to poor relationship management. But, there’s good news! Taking small moments to give your brain a break is just as effective as a week of fun in the sun (and requires far less planning). Try these top 10 mini-moments and share your tips with us! Play a… Read More >

Jul. 28 2016 | Posted in Business Banking

Meet Dewayne Stone – A New Member of Our Mortgage Lending Team

Born and raised in Georgia, Dewayne Stone has a deep passion for putting his client’s needs first. He brought that passion to Pinnacle Bank because of their commitment to remain professional, accurate, and honest within the communities they serve. Prior to joining the Mortgage Lending team, He spent 20+ years in the IT and operations management industry where he acquired the keys to build successful relationships in business. He’s excited to bring a new perspective to the team, as well as to help clients understand and choose the Pinnacle Bank… Read More >

Jul. 25 2016 | Posted in General News

Pinnacle Financial Corporation to Acquire Independence Bank of Georgia

Elberton, GA and Braselton, GA— Pinnacle Financial Corporation (“Pinnacle”), the parent holding company of Pinnacle Bank, and Independence Bank of Georgia (“Independence”), today jointly announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement pursuant to which Pinnacle will acquire Independence in a 100% cash transaction valued at approximately $32.8 million. Management of each bank believes that the combined bank will achieve greater scale and diversity in markets, products and management compared to either bank as a standalone. The customers and shareholders of each of Pinnacle and Independence will benefit from the… Read More >

Jul. 1 2016 | Posted in General News