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Coming Soon for Treasury Management Customers!

If you are a Treasury Management customer, a new statement is coming soon in addition to the monthly account statement. It is set-up to show your products, services, fees and balances in a clearly understandable presentation. If you have any questions, please feel free to call your Electronic Banking Support Team at 877-759-7939. If your business is not a Treasury Management customer but you are interested in learning about products to assist you in running your business more efficiently, learn more here or contact a member of our Treasury Management Team listed… Read More >

Jan. 29 2019 | Posted in General News

Choosing a Lender: What You Need to Know

Congratulations! You’ve found the home of your dreams, and now it’s time to choose a lender. Follow these steps to get the best deal on your mortgage. Gather Essential Information In order to choose the right mortgage for you and your family, you must know the basics. Become familiar with loan terms, interest rates, and any extra fees incurred when buying a home.  Access Your Finances Before you apply for a home loan, determine what you can afford. Essential elements to consider are how much debt you have, what your… Read More >

Jan. 29 2019 | Posted in General News

Protect Your Small Business Account

Corporate Account Takeover – Business Identity Theft – Commercial Account Fraud – these are all different terms that add up to the same thing: cyberthieves gaining control of a business’ finances by stealing employee passwords and other valid credentials and then using the information to steal customer information, transfer funds from the company, make unauthorized transactions, etc. Scary. So how do you protect your business, and in turn your customer’s information, from fraud? Make sure your online activities are secure: Never use unprotected internet connections. If your server warns you… Read More >

Jan. 29 2019 | Posted in General News

Is Rest the Key to Business Success?

Working harder, longer, faster gets the best results, right? Well, maybe not. After all, there’s a reason for the old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” With increasing numbers of business owners and entrepreneurs reporting exhaustion, burnout, and crippling anxiety, people are beginning to think that there must be a better way. Turns out, there is. Being busy and being productive are two entirely different things. Being busy implies that you are filling the hours of the day with work. Being productive means that the work… Read More >

Jan. 29 2019 | Posted in General News

Financial Podcasts Are A Wise Investment

Learning about money has to be hard and boring, right? It has to take a long time, and it’s never entertaining. Wrong! Financial podcasts are here to change the way you think about financial education.  And now is the perfect time of year to find a few new podcasts to add to your playlists. Apple has its ‘best of’ lists out, and lots of other critics are weighing in with their favorite shows. From true crime to sports, to comedy, there are so many podcasts out there to entertain and… Read More >

Dec. 21 2018 | Posted in General News

Get your Small-Business Finances Organized

Owning and running a small business can be challenging. There are a million little things to take care of and lots of big things that cannot be ignored. We’ve brought together our 6 top tips to get your small-business finances organized. Follow these suggestions to gain peace-of-mind and to thrive in your business! 1.  Keep a Separate Bank Account Congratulations! Your business is making money. Now it’s time to separate your business and personal finances.  Why is it important to have separate accounts? You appear far more professional to clients… Read More >

Dec. 21 2018 | Posted in General News

3 Fears That Plague Most Entrepreneurs

To overcome our fears, we must face them head on and find ways to move past them. Because entrepreneurs face common challenges, they also can suffer from similar fears. The 3 following fears will be familiar to most entrepreneurs and business owners. If you have fallen prey to any of these common fears, you can take comfort that other people have felt the same way, and still found a path to success.  1. Fear of change Change is unavoidable. The very nature of life is change and business and technology… Read More >

Dec. 21 2018 | Posted in General News

Don’t skip these steps for protecting your business assets

You’ve given it your all. But now that you’ve established a business, how do protect the assets and profit you’ve built? That’s an important question. Just asking the question is a good first step. Making time to stop, look at your options, and develop a plan is important. It’s always hard to give enough time for future planning when you’re running a business. But what should asset protection look like? Every person might develop a slightly different plan, but here are some ideas from the experts to get you started…. Read More >

Nov. 20 2018 | Posted in General News

Banish business stress with these three ideas

No one ever said it’d be easy. But the stress of running a business shouldn’t take over your life. Unmanaged, stress can take its toll — not just on your health, but also on your relationships. So, how can you control stress instead of letting it control you? Here are a few ideas. Stay active not just busy. Sure, your calendar is full and you have a busy schedule. But busy doesn’t have quite the same benefit as being active. Promise yourself regular active time. Once you make that promise to yourself,… Read More >

Nov. 20 2018 | Posted in General News

Could your credit score be healthier?

You probably won’t find a quick fix. But when it comes to your credit score, your actions do have the power to make a positive impact. Here’s how the American Bankers Association says you can give it a boost. Request a copy of your credit report. You’re entitled to a free copy from each credit agency, but you should go here to get it. Once you get a copy, look for mistakes and correct them. Set up automatic bill pay. Every late bill payment matters. Luckily, this can be an… Read More >

Oct. 30 2018 | Posted in General News