Recognizing Red Flags in Phone-Based Phishing Attempts


At Pinnacle Bank, we prioritize your safety and security, especially when it comes to protecting the financial health of our community from scams. All small business owners understand staying vigilant against phishing scams is critical for long term stability and growth–things that carry true human impact.

So, to help you and your business stay strong, let’s break down some common red flags to watch out for in phone and text scams.

Phone Scams

Unusual Caller ID: Even though caller IDs can be faked, our calls usually come from a known number (your local branch). If it’s not familiar, be skeptical and let it go to voicemail.

Scare Tactics or Threats: Phishing calls often use urgency to pressure you. If a caller demands immediate action or threatens you, hang up and call us directly at 877-759-7939 or the number on your card.

Asking for Personal Information: We don’t ask for your account number, PIN or password over the phone, and we never ask for a one-time code. Don’t share these details unless you initiated the call.

Calling You Unexpectedly: Be wary of unexpected calls. We usually contact you only if you’ve reached out first. If in doubt, hang up and call us back.

Text Scams

Strange Phone Numbers: Slow down. Is that the usual number your bank uses for texts? Legitimate bank texts come from official short codes, not random phone numbers.

Urgent Warnings or Requests: Take a breath. Phishing texts create panic, threatening to suspend your account or urging you to log in. We won’t send texts like this.

Odd Grammar or Spelling Mistakes: Spot check! Misspelled words or weird grammar in a text? That’s a clear sign of a scam.

Requests for Personal Information: If a text asks for personal details like account numbers, PINs or passwords, it’s a scam. We never ask for sensitive information via text.

Suspicious Links: Banks rarely send links in texts. Don’t click them. Instead, visit our official website ( or call 877-759-7939 to verify.

Verification Codes: If and when we do send a verification code, do not give any codes sent to you via text message to anyone who contacts you.

By keeping these red flags in mind, you can help protect yourself and your business from scammers. Remember, Pinnacle Bank is here to support you — if something feels off, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. 

Stay safe and stay vigilant!

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