3 Fears That Plague Most Entrepreneurs


To overcome our fears, we must face them head on and find ways to move past them. Because entrepreneurs face common challenges, they also can suffer from similar fears. The 3 following fears will be familiar to most entrepreneurs and business owners. If you have fallen prey to any of these common fears, you can take comfort that other people have felt the same way, and still found a path to success. 

1. Fear of change

Change is unavoidable. The very nature of life is change and business and technology are now changing faster than ever. How can you find ways to embrace change in your business? Does a new innovation or advancement frighten you? Read about it, take a class online or in person. Have confidence that you have the flexibility to meet and embrace change. 

2. Fear of failure

If you are faced with a challenge, instead of giving up because you’re afraid you will fail, try the following exercise:

  • Ask yourself what will happen if you succeed. 
  • Next, ask yourself what will happen if you fail. 
  • Finally, ask yourself how you will feel in 5 years’ time if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity. 

If you decide to move forward, make a plan to prepare yourself if things do go sideways. Instead of avoiding fear, face it, plan, and prepare. 

3. Fear that you’re not good enough

At the root of many fears is self-doubt. I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. I don’t have enough education. Why would people listen to me? This negative inner talk can be crippling. 

Stop harmful inner monologues by asserting the opposite. 

I’m not good enough becomes I am good enough.

Why would people listen to me? becomes People listen to me because I am an authority in my field. 

You don’t have to let anxiety and fear hold you back from achieving your business goals. Remember that fear feeds upon fear but backs down when directly confronted.

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