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Employee Insights – Neal Booth

Neal W. Booth, Sr. is a Senior Vice President, Market Executive (Gainesville-Hall County) at Pinnacle Bank, offering over 36 years of banking experience. Neal grew up in Danielsville, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in finance. He began his career at a bank in Gainesville and has worked in several capacities at banks in Gainesville and surrounding counties with particular expertise in commercial lending, credit administration, treasury services and private banking. Neal enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise with others. Throughout his… Read More >

Aug. 5 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Insights – Andy Harmel

Andrew (Andy) Harmel is a Mortgage Loan Originator at Pinnacle Bank. His strong background in serving the public in various capacities through technology, pharmaceuticals, and law enforcement makes him an ideal fit for our mortgage team. His problem-solving skills, commitment to honesty and fairness, and desire to enhance others’ lives are unmatched. Every day, Andy helps his clients achieve homeownership by making the loan process as seamless as possible at Pinnacle Bank! Andy currently resides in Evans, GA, with his family. When not at work, he loves teaching his sons… Read More >

Jul. 30 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Insights – Federico Solano

Federico Solano is a Mortgage Loan Originator at Pinnacle Bank, offering over 12 years of banking experience. Federico grew up in the banking industry, starting as a Bilingual Teller in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since that time, he has been a Vault Teller, Personal Banker, Senior Banker, Assistant Branch Manager, Office Manager and Mortgage Loan Originator. He has processed an extensive amount of loans and enjoys helping people reach their dreams of buying a new home and being part of the process. Federico graduated from National University in Heredia, Costa Rica,… Read More >

Jul. 23 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Insights – Tony Collins

Tony Collins recently joined the Pinnacle Bank team as Senior Vice President, Market Executive, bringing with him over 45 years of banking experience. He has truly “done it all at the bank!” Tony grew up in Lula, Georgia, and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1975 with a degree in Political Science. After college, he began his banking career in Gainesville, and in 1983, he graduated from the University of Virginia’s Retail School for Bank Management. Tony’s banking experience includes bank operations, finance and accounting, bank administration, commercial and… Read More >

Jul. 1 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Spotlight – Shane Sheppard

Shane Sheppard is Pinnacle Bank’s Mortgage Sales Team Leader, offering more than 21 years of mortgage sales and banking experience.    Shane was born and raised in Augusta, GA, and educated at Augusta State University. He is a certified mortgage specialist through the School of Mortgage Banking in Georgia and a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Augusta. Shane has received many awards for customer service and revenue generation over the years.    Besides the experience he carries in the banking industry, Shane has worked diligently to fundraise for… Read More >

Jun. 23 2020 | Posted in General News

Sleep is Essential to Managing a Successful Business

It’s 1 a.m. What are you doing? Hopefully, you’re sleeping – especially if you’re managing your own business. But many of us don’t get the sleep we need, which hampers our success in the long run. Sleep experts say a good night of rest (usually around seven to eight hours of sleep) allows every system in our body to function optimally. In fact, sleep plays a critical role in our emotional and physical health, including our ability to combat illness.* How can you get the rest you need to manage… Read More >

Jun. 22 2020 | Posted in General News

Use Content to Generate Leads in Five Simple Steps

Step #1: Use the Right Topics. Good content requires that you start with relevant topics. Answer the following questions to generate a list of content ideas: What mistakes do your customers typically make, requiring you (or one of your employees) to intercede? What expertise do you have that others don’t? What advice do your customers or employees seek from you regularly? What are the “hot topics” in your industry, and how do you address them? Why is your business unique from other “like” businesses? How does your brand differ from… Read More >

Jun. 22 2020 | Posted in General News

Fraud Alert: What You Need to Know

Criminals Take Advantage of Every Situation and Our Health Crisis is No Exception. Recently, the cybercriminal group, FIN7, known for targeting US businesses through phishing emails, deployed an additional tactic of mailing USB devices via the United States Postal Service (USPS). The mailed packages sometimes include items like teddy bears or gift cards to employees of target companies working in the Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT), or Executive Management (EM) roles. The enclosed USB device is a commercially available tool known as a “BadUSB” or “Bad Beetle USB” device…. Read More >

Action Plan for COVID-19

Pinnacle Bank has been in business since 1934. The bank, our communities and our country have weathered a lot of historical ups and downs including national financial troubles, wars and 9/1 1. We have all grown stronger each time we face adversity and that will happen again as we overcome this current crisis. Pinnacle Bank is here now and will be in the future. While we can’t control the events around us, we can control how we respond. Pinnacle Bank is working to keep employees and customers safe while remaining ready… Read More >

Mar. 19 2020 | Posted in General News


It’s Ok. We Are Your Bank and We’re Here for You! Thank you for being our customer. And because you, our employees and our community are so important to us we want to reassure you of something. We’re here to help you. Everything at Pinnacle Bank is open and working. Everything from our branches, our debit cards, online banking and Pinny are on the job! We hope this assurance will ease some anxiety. While we can’t control the events around us, we can control how we respond. Pinnacle Bank is… Read More >

Mar. 13 2020 | Posted in General News