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Archives: February 2017

7 Tips to Prevent Tax ID Fraud

Brought to you by the American Banking Association As Americans begin the process of filing tax returns, identity thieves are scheming to get their hands on that money. Tax identity theft has been the most common form of identity theft reported to the Federal Trade Commission for the past five years. Tax identity fraud takes place when a criminal files a false tax return using a stolen Social Security number in order to fraudulently claim the refund. Identity thieves generally file false claims early in the year and victims are… Read More >

Feb. 8 2017 | Posted in General News

Rising Trends in Small Business

From an original article by Adam Toren, Entrepreneur Magazine Now more than ever, it’s easier for small businesses to maintain an effective presence through the use of social media, e-commerce, and Internet marketing. Using them successfully hinges on being current and informed on trends. Here are some you should know: Millennials – Their relationship with tech, brands, and services is non-stop. In return for improved products and services, 86% of millennials are willing to provide insight on the consumer habits. Web Presence – Building and maintaining a web presence is… Read More >

Feb. 3 2017 | Posted in General News

Protecting Key Info in The Wake of Data Breeches

Yahoo had two data breaches in 2016. If you have a Yahoo account and your info was compromised, you may be more susceptible to scams not only through online methods but also fraudulent phone calls. Be sure you know who you’re talking to, and don’t give out sensitive information over the phone. Also, we recommend that you take the following steps regarding your Yahoo account: Get rid of all the folders, and then delete your Yahoo account. Consider opening a Gmail account instead. If you have used your Yahoo password… Read More >

Feb. 3 2017 | Posted in General News