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Archives: November 2019

Where do recessions come from?

Recession. Even the word can be scary to some people. But what if the mystery was taken out of how recessions happen? The causes of a recession are easy to identify and are anything but random. The Credit Cycle Scenario: A person makes $100,000 a year and needs a loan. They approach a bank that loans them $10,000. That money then goes into the economy and becomes someone else’s $110,000 income. Then, the person who makes $110,000 a year and needs a loan. They approach a bank that loans them… Read More >

Nov. 20 2019 | Posted in Business, Personal

How to Grow Your Small Business while Preserving Company Culture

As your business grows, it’s crucial to preserve the elements of your company culture that you and your employees value. Here are some ideas of how you can do this. Stick to Your Values Write down your company values and make sure each employee has a copy of them. They should also be displayed prominently throughout your business location. Then, identify a few long-time key staff members who “live” or personify those values. These key people are your “culture champions,” and they can be helpful in multiple areas — from… Read More >

The Future of Digital Payments 

We are living in an increasingly digital world. Transactions that took hours to complete a few decades ago can now be wrapped up in minutes. This trend has resulted in tremendous growth that is driven by money transfers, cross-border remittances and digital payments. There are new challenges and realities now that we have a worldwide digital payment market: We must serve a global consumer base. We must negotiate different regulatory and licensing bodies across the world. We must educate our consumers on the safety of digital payments. What can you… Read More >

Nov. 20 2019 | Posted in Business, Managing Your Business