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Archives: September 2019

Security Tips To Keep Your Business Safe While It Grows

Small businesses are at an increased threat of having valuable information or property stolen as criminals are getting more sophisticated at breaking down larger and more complicated security systems. Here are four steps you can take to protect your small business.  1. Update and Upgrade Your Physical Security Measures.  Change the locks and bolts on your physical location. Invest in a fully monitored alarm system with a team who responds immediately. Install security cameras that can be monitored remotely. The same technology that allows you to check in on your… Read More >

Sep. 11 2019 | Posted in Business, Fraud & Security

Following Up With a New Contact

You’ve collected a business card or email. Or, maybe you’ve made a valuable new connection at a business function. Now what? Here are some quick and effective ways to follow up with a new contact. Send a ‘thinking of you’ message via email. Mention something that you spoke about, or something that you think may be of interest to your new contact. To take any pressure off of them, you may want to include a ‘no need to respond’ in the message. Change the channel! Always interact with your new… Read More >

Sep. 11 2019 | Posted in Business, Managing Your Business

How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence at Work 

When ranking the qualities of a good leader in the modern workplace, emotional intelligence is an attribute that has begun to gain attention. Emotional intelligence at work has a myriad of benefits, including a happier work environment, better collaboration among employees, and fewer office squabbles.   So, what is emotional intelligence? Put very simply, it is the ability to manage, express, and understand your emotions in positive ways. It is also the ability to have empathy for others so that you pick up on social cues, communicate effectively and have healthy… Read More >

Sep. 11 2019 | Posted in Business, Managing Your Business