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Archives: March 2019

Senior Caregiving

Your parents once cared for you, and as they age, it is likely that the roles will be reversed, and you will need to care for them. The prospect can be daunting, but you can prepare for your senior caregiving journey. Have “THE” Meeting with Your Parents. It’s difficult to talk about senior caregiving with your parents, but it is necessary so that you can know their wishes, and everyone can get onto the same page. Set up a meeting. Don’t  bring the subject up over dinner unexpectedly! Be prepared… Read More >

Mar. 18 2019 | Posted in General News

Save More in 2019!

  Everyone wants to save more money, but it can be difficult to know how. if you’re stuck in a money rut, the following tips will help you pinpoint ways to save money and prepare for your future.  What Kind of Saver are You? Do you enjoy saving money? Do you find it easy or difficult to set money aside? Some people find it easy to count and save their pennies, while others see that little extra and want to spend it now. Before making a plan to save, a… Read More >

Mar. 18 2019 | Posted in General News

Tips to Keep Your Tax Records Secure

    Tax fraud, identity theft, online scams – the threats can be overwhelming. Here are some ways consumers and business owners can protect themselves from tax fraud and other scams. Do Your Research  When choosing a tax professional, check out Consumer Reports (, the IRS ( and the Better Business Bureau ( to be sure that they provide a legitimate service. Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) PII is defined as information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single… Read More >

Mar. 18 2019 | Posted in Financial Tips