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Archives: August 2017

Investment Ideas for Small Businesses

From an original article by Jenna Cyprus, Small Biz Daily If your small business is profitable enough to have a substantial amount of money left over after everyone has been paid, what should you do with your money? Invest it. Doing so can help reduce overhead costs and increase profitability, paving the way for future success. But are what are those “wise investments” that accomplish those goals? Here are just a few: Business improvements – Most businesses have some areas in need of improvement, whether it be the business strategy… Read More >

Aug. 2 2017 | Posted in General News

5 Ways Going Paperless Will Help Your Business

From an original article by Nick Candito, Small Biz Daily You’d be surprised how many companies still use paper processes. According to The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 92 percent of companies say that removing paper processes is a constant objective. If your business has yet to make the change, here are five reasons to do so as soon as possible: Information security – Digital documents can be protected in ways paper documents can’t, such as remotely via the cloud or an off-site hard drive. Accessibility – Find… Read More >

Aug. 2 2017 | Posted in General News

The Benefits of Asking for Help

From an original article by Karen Peacock, America’s SBDC As a small business owner, it’s easy to feel isolated at times. Who do you turn to with questions about business challenges? Just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean you have all of the answers. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help and broaden your network. A recent study found that 41 percent of small business owners feel lonely in their work life. That same survey found that 70 percent of small business owners say networking with other business owners… Read More >

Aug. 2 2017 | Posted in General News