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Archives: August 2018

Navigating economic ups and downs

Guarantees don’t happen. When it comes to business, no one can promise immunity from market ups and downs. But even though no one gets any guarantees, businesses can still be ready for anything. Here are some ideas to get you started. Keep an eagle eye on your budget. Watching levels of debt, cash flow, and expenses are always important. But you’ll be especially glad you did if the economy heads south. Always make sure you have enough cash reserves to handle emergency expenses. Consider your debt. It could be time to… Read More >

Aug. 29 2018 | Posted in General News

How prepared are you for the loan process?

An article from the American Bankers Association What’s your secret sauce? Success depends on plenty of factors – creativity, hard work and commitment, just to name a few. Business loans also play an important role. They help take businesses to the next level or push ideas from the drawing board to real life. But tackling the loan process? That idea can sound overwhelming. Especially considering how busy business owners already are. A successful loan process isn’t a pipe dream, though. Consider these tips from the American Bankers Association. Do your research…. Read More >

Aug. 29 2018 | Posted in General News

Are you making these business mistakes?

Everyone wants to do work they love. Passion for your craft can power people through plenty. It carries you through the crazy long days and pushes you to try new, amazing ideas. But truth is this: sometimes passion can get a little pushy. Getting the chance to do work you love is an amazing opportunity, but that same passion can also push you toward burnout or neglecting other business priorities. Is this happening to you? Here are a few red flags you don’t want to miss. Are you treating all areas… Read More >

Aug. 29 2018 | Posted in General News