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Archives: July 2019

To Rent, or to Buy?

Should you rent or buy a home? It’s not an easy question with one right answer for everyone. That’s why we’ve created the following pros and cons lists for you so that you can weigh your options. The Pros of Renting Flexibility and mobility: Leases generally last for a year or less, which is a definite pro if you need to relocate for work or other reasons. Maintenance free: The air conditioner is out? Call the maintenance person! When you rent, someone else mows your lawn, cleans your gutters, and… Read More >

Jul. 31 2019 | Posted in Home Buying & Refinancing, Personal

Inner Financial Peace

Many people see money as something to be stressed over. But is it actually possible to gain inner financial peace? Yes! How? Read on. Tip #1: Define a financial goal Tracking goals and linking them to a larger purpose increases the likelihood of success and motivation. For instance, you are much more likely to save money, if you are saving a specific amount to go on vacation, rather than picking an arbitrary amount for no particular reason. When setting a financial goal, ask yourself these three questions: How much? When… Read More >

Jul. 31 2019 | Posted in Personal, Saving & Budgeting

Are You a Target for Identity Theft?

Did you know that your social media habits could put you at risk for identity theft? It’s essential to understand how to protect yourself and how to avoid catching a thief’s attention. Weak Passwords Is your password ‘password,’ your name, or something equally easy to guess? It’s time to change it up! Your passwords should be reasonably complicated with a mix of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and special characters. Do you have one password or a few passwords that you use for everything? Danger! Using the same password across… Read More >