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Archives: December 2020

Get Your Retirement in Shape this Year

With the new year comes the chance to set goals and fine-tune your financial strategies for the future. And no matter what your circumstances look like today, it’s wise to create a healthy retirement plan to support your future. Here are five tips to get you on the road to success: Pay down your debt. You should pay down your debt while still working — it’s tough to eliminate debt when you’re on a fixed income. Prioritize your highest-rate debt and start from there. The more debt you can pay… Read More >

Dec. 31 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Insights – Sarah White

Sarah White is the Branch Manager – Banking Officer at Pinnacle Bank’s Hartwell Branch and has been part of the Pinnacle team for 13 years. Sarah started her banking career as a floating teller at the Hartwell Branch and knew right away that she wanted to stay. In addition to managing one of Pinnacle Bank’s largest branches, she leads Personal Banker training for all new hires. She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to rub shoulders with so many exceptional employees at Pinnacle. In her current position, Sarah works hard… Read More >

Dec. 21 2020 | Posted in General News

Protect Yourself from Mobile Payment App Scams

Mobile payment apps, such as Venmo and CashApp, allow you to quickly and easily send payments to friends and family. You can split the tab at lunch, buy a present for a mutual friend, or even pay back a loan. Unfortunately, fraudsters are also using these apps to steal money from people. Here are some ways to protect yourself from mobile payment app scams: Don’t send money requested as a “processing fee” or for “verification purposes.” Never share your PIN or sign-up code outside of the app you use. Fund… Read More >

Dec. 21 2020 | Posted in General News

Take Care of Yourself —Your Business is Counting on You

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Most days, you don’t know what’s coming or going. And self-care is not usually something you take the time to do. But, taking care of yourself helps reduce stress and improve the balance in your life. That way, you can face the day’s stressors better and stay healthy while running your business. Try these simple self-care options to get started: Get more sleep. Staying up late working may help you get things done today, but it can negatively… Read More >

Dec. 21 2020 | Posted in General News

Seven Proven PR Strategies to Add to Your Marketing Plan

Running a small business is no easy task. You wear multiple hats and work with limited resources. And while you know advertising is essential to your growth, you may not have the budget to make the impact you desire. That’s why having a solid Public Relations (PR) plan makes sense for small business owners like you. Many people think PR is only for national and international companies with substantial marketing budgets – that’s not the case. PR is about earning trust, all while gaining free publicity as a result of… Read More >

Dec. 21 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Insights – Robin Partee-Smith

Robin Partee-Smith was recently promoted to Banking Officer along with her roles as Branch Manager and Personal Banker at Pinnacle Bank, bringing over 37 years of experience in the financial services industry. Working in payment systems for nearly 24 years, Robin provided support to financial institutions throughout the nation. In 2007, she made a slight change in her career to begin as an Assistant Branch Manager and Personal Banker at Pinnacle Bank. Robin is committed to helping Pinnacle customers find answers to their questions and give them the tools and… Read More >

Dec. 21 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Insights – Angela Collins-Johnson

Angela Collins-Johnson joined Pinnacle Bank as a Branch Manager, bringing over 18 years of banking industry experience. She was recently promoted to Retail Sales Manager AVP. After graduating from the Athens Technical College in Sales and Marketing, Angela started in the banking industry as a Loan Officer in 2002. After a few years, she was promoted to be the Loan Manager and eventually migrated to sales and marketing. She has served as an Area Sales Manager and more recently, as a Regional Manager VP. Angela enjoys coaching and developing her… Read More >

Dec. 15 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Insights – Stephanie Rigsby

Stephanie Rigsby has long been a valued member of the Pinnacle Bank team and we are pleased to announce her recent promotion to AVP – Retail Sales Manager, bringing over 17 years of banking experience. Stephanie was raised in Forest Park, GA, and graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She started in banking as a teller and worked her way through various positions, learning as much as possible throughout the years. Stephanie truly believes this experience helps her provide the best service possible to… Read More >

Dec. 15 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Insights – Brandy West

Brandy West was recently promoted to East Market Retail Sales Manager/AVP at Pinnacle Bank, bringing over 13 years of experience to her new position. Brandy started her banking career at Pinnacle Bank as a Personal Banker at our main office. She’s served in many roles while at Pinnacle, including Administrative Assistant to the Chief Credit Officer and was a Branch Manager before her promotion. Brandy has an Associate’s Degree from Athens Technical College and is a graduate of the Georgia Bankers Association Banking School. As a long-term Pinnacle employee, Brandy… Read More >

Dec. 14 2020 | Posted in General News

Employee Insights – Anita Kiss

Anita Kiss recently joined Pinnacle Bank as a Mortgage Loan Officer, bringing nearly ten years of banking experience. Anita was born and raised in a small town in Hungary, where she completed three years of Technical College with a degree in Fashion Design. After spending some time in the fashion industry, she started her banking career in 2005 as a teller. She obtained her mortgage license through the Capstone Institution of Mortgage Finance in Atlanta and has worked her way through the ranks to take on her new position as… Read More >

Dec. 3 2020 | Posted in General News