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Archives: January 2020

Merchant Capture – A Benefit You’ll Enjoy

Your day is finally over, and you’re exhausted. But, you still need to make your deposit for the night. It’s 7 p.m. and you don’t want to drive to the nearest branch to make your deposit. This is where Merchant Capture comes into play – it’s like having a 24-hour teller right in your office.   Here’s how it works:   Using a desktop check scanner, scan both sides of the checks in a single pass. Prepare your deposit – you’ll be able to view the scanned checks right on… Read More >

6 Questions Your 2020 Business Plan Should Answer

A business plan is your road map to success. Even if you experienced success in 2019, it’s critical to keep it updated every year. It allows you to organize your strategy – from operational plans to marketing. As you look to 2020, what questions should your business plan answer? Let’s take a look. Question #1: What need does your company address? In other words, what do you do? Sure, you can highlight all the products and services you provide, but what is it that keeps your customers coming back to… Read More >

6 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back – and Make a Profit

There’s a common misconception that you need to acquire new customers if you want to make money. That’s not necessarily the case. While attracting new customers will help you grow, it’s not the only way to boost your profits. The fact of the matter is that focusing on customer retention – specifically your “best” customers – is an incredibly essential (and sometimes overlooked) business strategy. Take a look at a few cost-effective marketing strategies to improve customer retention in 2020: Start a blog – or develop the one you have…. Read More >