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Archives: December 2017

Protecting the Elderly from Financial Abuse

From the American Bankers Association People over 50 years old control over 70 percent of the nation’s wealth. Because of that, fraudsters are using new tactics to take advantage of older Americans. Senior financial abuse is estimated to have cost victims at least $2.9 billion last year alone. However, there are simple steps that can help you or your loved one from falling prey. Tips for Seniors: • Shred receipts, bank statements, and unused credit card offers. • Never pay a fee or taxes to collect sweepstakes “winnings.” • Consult… Read More >

Dec. 7 2017 | Posted in General News

Be On Guard Online

From the American Bankers Association The internet is more than just easy access to information; it can also leave you vulnerable to fraud, identity theft, and other scams. It’s a global issue impacting hundreds of millions of people worldwide every year. The following tips can help keep you and your family safe online. The American Bankers Association recommends: Keep your computers and mobile devices up-to-date – Having the latest security software, web browser, and operating system are the best defenses against viruses, malware, and other online threats. Turn on automatic… Read More >

Dec. 7 2017 | Posted in General News

Boost Your Energy At Work

From an original article by Rose Leadem, Entrepreneur There’s a lot more to staying energized and engaged throughout your workday than constant trips to the coffee machine. Getting adequate sleep and starting your day right is also important. However, there are things you can do at work that can help you avoid the frequent onset of fatigue and drowsiness. Here are just a few suggestions: • Stay hydrated – Keep a large water bottle on your desk to remind yourself to take frequent sips. Dehydration is one of the top… Read More >

Dec. 7 2017 | Posted in General News