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Archives: October 2020

How to Build Your Emergency Savings Fund

2020 has been filled with ups and downs. One thing is clear with all that’s happened: an emergency savings fund is not just a nice thing to have; it’s part of a solid financial plan. And while you may know how important it is to put money aside for emergencies, you may not know how to make it happen, or you’re not sure you even can fit it in your current financial circumstances. The reality is that everyone can (and should) save for a “rainy day.” What is an emergency… Read More >

Oct. 26 2020 | Posted in General News

Remote Banking – It’s More Than Just Convenient

As a business owner, your days are filled with items to check off your list. Whether you’re ordering inventory, meeting with potential customers, or working with customers in your store, you don’t have a lot of time to do other things – including managing your business finances. At times, things like payroll or making a nightly deposit can become a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Remote Banking Options Can Make Your Life Easier There are many innovative and simple ways you can manage your business remotely… Read More >

Oct. 26 2020 | Posted in General News

Things Pinnacle Bank Will Never Ask

Fraudsters use email or text messages to try to trick you into giving your private information to them; this is called phishing. These emails or text messages look like they’re from a company you may know or trust, asking you to give them information, such as your Social Security number, Tax Identification number or account information. But don’t be fooled – it’s a trick with real consequences. Pinnacle Bank is continuously working to protect you from fraudsters, especially as we enter the holiday season (a time when fraud usually increases)…. Read More >

Oct. 26 2020 | Posted in General News